It’s all about you and your time! That’s what my Live-Well Blog is all about. It’s all about keeping life simple and making you time an integral part of your day and schedule.

Sadly, I hear this all the time;

I’m too busy; I don’t have time, how can I when I’m booked all day, and so on.

My answer is always the same, you have to make time, and you can make time. For instance, that can start by getting out of bed 30 to 60 minutes earlier in the morning. If you schedule that and stick to it, you will have that extra 30 to 60 minutes in your day to take time for yourself.

Taking time out, slowing life down, and destressing has never been more important than today. Today’s life, filled with smartphones, TV, laptops, iPads, and smartwatches, combined with busy work and family schedules, calls for you to take action and make appointments with yourself to make time for your health and well-being.

In LIVE-WELL, I’ll be writing about meditation, breathing, and mindfulness techniques, as well as all kinds of other wellness, focused programs, and practices.

LIVE-WELL includes:

  • Massage
  • Water Therapy
  • Sauna Steam Room Therapy
  • Sun Exposure
  • Hair and Skin Treatment
  • Sleep, Rest and Recovery Ideas
  • Meditation
  • Focus Training

I look forward to sharing my thoughts and ideas with you here, and I hope you LIVE-WELL!




Most people don’t spend enough time on themselves, or on relaxing and letting the mind rest. They are rushing from one meeting or chore to another all day, causing themselves substantial stress. This type of stress is not conducive to a healthy heart, a good lifestyle, and long life.

I highly recommended integrating simple meditation into your daily routine. Once you have practiced meditating for a couple of weeks, you will begin to see the calming and balancing effects meditation has on your mind and mindset. Through meditation, you will manage your stress levels and time much more efficiently and lead a calmer, more productive life.


My Daily Routine  

Silent Breathing Meditation

Fifteen minutes of silent breathing mediation twice daily. In the morning as soon as I wake up and before starting my day, and at night before bedtime:

Breath in and out slowly ten times. Then sit quietly and breathe normally for ten minutes. Focus on your breathing and feel how your body and mind are responding. Let your mind wander, then gently guide it back to your breath and enjoy the peace and calm you will create in your mind. You can practice this technique by listening to calming music as well.


Positive Thinking

Start to think about beautiful places, days, or experiences. That can be anything, your spouse, pets, vacations, sports events, dinners, anything that comes to mind, and pleases you. Allow only positive thoughts into your mind. Spend a few minutes thinking positive and happy thoughts.


Positive Affirmations

Repeat positive affirmations or mantras to yourself, focusing on your desires and goals for the day and in general. Think about what you want to achieve and tell yourself that nothing will stop you from achieving your goals and desires. Spend a few minutes practicing positive affirmations, then move on with a beautiful day!


Wellness or self-care is a much needed but very neglected practice. If you are not kind to yourself and don’t look after your well-being, how can you ever achieve wellness, happiness, or a healthy body and mind? Practicing wellness is just as important as a sensible fitness routine and healthy natural foods.

Let’s look at wellness practices and what we can do daily for our self-care, meditation aside:


Self-Care Practices:

  • Full Body or Partial Massage
  • Sauna or Steam Room
  • Water Therapy (Jacuzzi or gentle swimming)
  • Facial, Pedicure and Manicure
  • Sunbathing
  • Hair Treatment
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Sleep

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