The thought of Strength Training scares off a lot of folks, as it’s usually associated with lifting weights at the gym. Lifting weights can be part of Strength Training; there are more natural ways. The most effective and enjoyable way to Strength Train is by using your body as your gym, with bodyweight exercises. The extra benefit of bodyweight training is that you can do this pretty much anywhere, and don’t have to run to a gym, which saves time!

One to two short strength training sessions per week is all you need to build lean muscles.

Strength Training

Tricep Body Dip

Shoulder Dumbell Extension

Dumbell Shoulder Training

Reserve Incline Brench

Pull Ups

One Arm Bench Dumbbell Row

Linear Leg Press

Leg Ups




Cable Butterfly

Wall Sit

Feet to Bar

Downhill Ski


Push Up

Pull Up

5 Minutes Plank

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