Rob has been excellent to work with and very motivational.It’s been great to work out outside and the varied routines keep it fun and interesting.He’s great at helping to keep you accountable with diet and exercise tips and I feel and look better than I did before I started.I would highly recommend him.

Brian Hero

Primal fitness really does work.It delivers efficiently and is easy to fit around busy lifestyles and work.
It’s short bursts of fitness and sports that you enjoy.

Robbie Hourmont is super encouraging and an and inspirational trainer.
He is a past Olympian athlete and successful businessman.It is so great working with him and I always feel so uplifted and inspired.

Primal health coaching is way beyond just fitness training,it is a change of lifestyle and positivity.

So glad… 5 stars…. invest in yourself….. you deserve it………
onwards and upwards.

Vallerie Allingham

I worked with Rob for over a month. I really enjoyed the variety of exercises, and the results I saw .Rob is very dedicated checking in ,helping with food choices . I wish I had more time to work with him. I highly recommend anyone wanting to workout or make changes to your life style and need the extra push to call him.
Thank you for all your help .

Angela Smith

I’ve known Rob for many years. but since I’ve watched his transformation in the last few years he is the nicest person and he isincredibly Inspirational nowl. His health insights and advise are excellent and helpful, even to me. Keep it up Rob.

Hermann Nehoda

I trained with Rob for four days during my stay in Fort Lauderdale.
Rob’s approach is refreshing and really efficient. You get a lot more done in less time and he makes it fun!

Patricia Pedross