Why Caloric Deficiency is Key to Weight Management

Understanding caloric intake and how to achieve caloric deficiency is one of the most important components of successful weight management.

I read or hear it all the time; “I need to start training again, I’ve got to lose weight and get back into shape,” and “do you know a good gym or personal trainer who can help me get fit again?”

That’s usually the moment I decide if I should break the news or not. In general, I’ll opt for speaking up, as my mission is always to help whoever I can, whenever I can, no matter who or what their situation may be.

However, that can also be the moment I get push back and have to enter into a debate. People often don’t like hearing things they don’t want to hear. The truth isn’t always welcome!

The Truth.

Attempting to “train more” to manage weight is a bad decision, which 95% of the time will result in frustration and failure. Instead, your focus should be on the food and beverages consumed. Don’t get me wrong; exercising is always a good idea, as long as the movement plan makes sense and promotes overall health and, in particular, heart health. Unfortunately, many forms of training do the opposite.

How to do this?

I recommend the keto lifestyle, which means eating super low carb and natural foods, meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, eggs, avocados, and healthy fats. But you don’t have to go 100% keto if you don’t want to. However, reducing carbs is also a vital component to achieving caloric deficiency and managing your weight.

The most crucial point, though, is that you make sure you are burning more calories than you are consuming, always. Does that make sense? Think about it; if you are consuming equal or more calories to what you are burning, what’s going to happen? You will put on weight, or, at least, not lose any, no matter what you are eating.

While food matters the most, it’s essential to understand that moving your body as much as possible every day results in a higher calorie burn. That, in turn, means you burn fat and lose or maintain your weight. If you do nothing but sit around all day working and eating, you are going to get fat. If you move a lot, you will burn those calories, and manage your weight, or even lose weight, and have a healthy heart!

The old myth the people get heavier with age is simply not true. Insidious weight gain is nothing more than the process of consuming too much food over time, which results in weight gain and an array of health problems. Besides, most folks consume far too many carbs and sugars, which are the primary direct contributors to weight gain and health issues.

Please read the scientific evidence here:


Huffington Post

Marks Daily Apple

The Key Secrets.

Try not eating as much, try to reduce meal times from three to two times per day, try not to snack on things like potato chips, pretzels, chocolate, or even fruit. Don’t eat breakfast early; instead, have lots of lemon water and coffee or tea and stretch the time until you eat until later in the morning.

Enjoy a lovely brunch and dinner instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In combination with exercise, eating twice per day, avoiding processed or sugary snacks will dramatically cut your caloric intake, creating a caloric deficiency, resulting in ideal and natural weight management. Hey, and you can save some money this way too!

In Summary.

  • Consume fewer carbs
  • Eat only twice per day
  • Snack with healthy options
  • Avoid fast foods and processed foods
  • Exercise frequently but healthily by walking frequently
  • Manage your caloric deficiency by burning more calories than you consume

This method and solutions aren’t hard. All you need to do is reduce your food and beverage intake, try your best to consume natural and nonprocessed foods, and move your body as much as possible.

Thanks for reading.


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