Rest and Silence for the World and Mankind

Rest Day in Bali

We all need to take a rest and reflect from time to time, but most of us don’t. That’s neglecting our Wellness. We should all eat healthy natural and nourishing foods, but most don’t. That’s neglecting our health. Now it looks like we all have to do just that! Rest, reflect, and heal.

Silence Day.

Nyepi or Silence Day is an ancient tradition in Bali. Everything shuts down, no cars, no planes, no factories, no shops, and no electricity is!

There is nothing but total silence and complete rest for all the people and the island. You are not allowed to leave your house, hotel, or resort other than for an emergency.

Silence Day is taken very seriously and respected by everyone in Bali, residents, and tourists alike. At first, this idea seemed a bit extreme to me, with your civil rights stripped away for a day. In light of the current situation, and the worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus, maybe this idea isn’t so strange after all.

As the world is going into a forced shutdown and silence mode, here in Bali, we are preparing for the yearly Silence Day, which starts from 6 am on 25th March and runs until 6 am on 26th March. We are looking forward to this imposed rest and silence tradition. We will practice reflection and express our gratitude for all we have.

Rest and silence for all?

Maybe we should all be taking total and utter rest and silence breaks once or twice a year, worldwide? Perhaps this kind of action would help us all sit back, relax, and think about our life and what we are doing with it more? Silence time would force us to reevaluate and take care of ourselves better.

Time to change.

Let’s keep in mind this virus has been brought upon us by disastrous hygiene practices and terrible judgment by so many humans.

We can only hope, hope this virus changes us to be better people and help make the world a better, safer, and healthier place.

Let’s hope and pray we all learn from this and change how we treat animals and each other! Above all, let’s hope something significant is going to change with the “legal food industry” and their horrific practices.

We must take action to make sure the semi-legal and illegal food markets flooding the world, particularly in developing countries, are stopped once and for all!

Thanks for reading and, viewing the video. We at Rob’s Health Crunch wish for you to stay safe and healthy. Please always remember to keep moving.

All the best,

Rob & Mariyam Hourmont

Former Olympic Athlete & Certified Health Coach

“It is my mission to educate people on how to lose weight, how to build a healthy, strong heart, body, and mind, supporting a longer life.”

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