How to Manage The Keto Reset and Stay Set

Are you taking a keto break or getting back into the keto lifestyle? Then it’s time for the Keto Reset!

Why do I ask the question? Well, I turned to Keto, and four years ago, I did a total Keto Reset. I’ve stayed set ever since. Managing your Keto Reset and staying set, for good, is the only real way for prolonged weight-management and overall health success.

That’s also the reason I became a certified Primal Keto Health Coach. After studying ancestral health and the keto lifestyle, everything made sense to me. I understood why I had suffered previous health problems and saw how quickly my body and mind fixed themselves. All of this without medication, by resetting myself to the keto diet. 

I prefer to call the diet “natural eating” rather than “keto diet,” as it’s not a diet. The term diet is often associated with depriving oneself, which, in itself, makes the concept of being on a “diet” unpleasant. The reality is, eating naturally or following the Keto Diet doesn’t have to involve any form of food deprivation.

Dipping in and out of Keto.

Starting and stopping your keto food intake isn’t advisable. It’s also not advisable to begin reaching for sugar, processed foods, grain, and glucose-loaded foods and beverages to satisfy your desire to eat such things.

Every time you go back into the cookie jar and consume sugar and carbohydrate-rich foods, you are confusing and stressing your system. At the same time, causing internal inflammation, weight gain, and, most likely, compromising your immune system.

Going Keto for a month to target weight loss and then to go back to old eating habits is also a flawed thought process. Indulging may provide immediate gratification, but you aren’t doing your health any favors.

The Total Keto Reset.

Why Total? Going all the way, understanding it, and committing to it will bring long-lasting health benefits and overall wellbeing. The question one has to ask is, “what is my health worth to me?”

The key to success lies in understanding your body and what effect food has on you. Reading a little about Keto and then dipping in for a test isn’t going to work or make you happy. Like everything else in life, it takes time to understand, and that’s why you need to research and read quite a bit. But above all, it’s vital not to allow your system’s changes to stress you, both mentally or physically.

Understanding how this works is the most vital point I can make. If you take time and read up, or even take a course, you’ll understand a lot more than by listening to friends or reading an article or two.

The biggest downfall I see with my clients and people, in general, is the lack of information on the subject. The majority simply doesn’t understand it and then start the process the wrong way, which inevitably leads to frustration with a lack of immediate results, followed by stress, and eventually giving up.

What the Heck Can I Eat?

To make it easier for you, here’s a detailed list of what you should be eating, not what you shouldn’t. If you focus on these foods and follow the simple logic of eating slowly and keeping portion sizes in check, you will be fine.

The keto reset takes at least four weeks. Just think about all the years you’ve been consuming sugar and carbohydrate loaded foods. Your system is used to that and will react by telling your brain you are missing those foods. This is where discipline and knowledge come in. If you take the time to study how the keto reset works, it will work if you give it the time needed, guaranteed!

Then, once your body resets and starts to look for other sources for energy, meaning fat and ketones, that’s when you’ve managed to Keto reset your body, and a new beginning can commence!

The Scoop.

The Keto reset isn’t hard to do. It’s all about what you want for your health, life, and how you would like to look and feel. No supplements or fad diets will help achieve your health goals. Understanding what we put in your body and how it affects you will.

Keto isn’t a trend or a fad diet. Keto is about eating real, natural healthy food that feeds our bodies well and nurtures our minds. Food can make you healthy or sick; however, the right food is a natural medicine that supports good health, wellbeing, and a balanced, positive mindset.

Sometimes it takes standing upside down to see the right side up!

As always, thanks for reading. Please send me any questions or comments.

With love from Bali.


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