The Power of Fasting and High Intensity Training

Fasting and Training is Gaining

And why this will support faster Fat Burn and Lean Muscle Growth!

Following up on yesterday’s article, in which I explained why and how we want to aim to practice Intermittent Fasting once we have transitioned into the fat and ketone burning metabolism, in today’s piece I want to highlight and bring you the truth about how Intermittent Fasting works in combination with High Intensity Training (or any kind of training). I recently have come across some folks online spreading misconceptions about this important subject, so I’d like to explain how it actually works. The information I’m providing you is scientifically proven for the one, and secondly I have now been practicing this successfully on my own body for over  2.5 years, as well as working with numerous clients who have enjoyed the benefits of this particular part of the program. Read here about the benefits if Intermittent Fasting:

How it works:

Performing intense workouts in a fasted state as well as continuing to fast after the workout for as long as you feel comfortable, will stimulate the use of stored energy, such as glycogen and fatty acids, as well as ketones produced by the liver, instead of using recently ingested calories for fuel. Allowing the body to use stored energy (fat and ketones), instead of recently ingested calories will promote insulin sensitivity and improve ketone and fat burning. The beauty about being a fat or ketone burner is that you are able to exercise easily without having eaten. You will not feel the need to load up on any kind of foods in the morning, as you will not feel any hunger sensation, yet you have plenty of energy to hit the ground running. An intense workout which forces the use of stored energy further accelerates the burn rate after the exercise (for the rest of the day in fact), further supporting your body fat reduction goals. An added benefit is that the exercise stimulus causes adaptive hormones such as testosterone and human growth hormone to linger longer in the bloodstream, which promotes growth and preservation of lean muscle tissue. Looking at “conventional wisdom’s” message, namely to refuel with carbohydrates and amino acids immediately after exercise will indeed replenish glycogen stores, but this refuelling prompts the release of insulin, which rapidley  removes the adaptive hormones and fatty acids from the bloodstream and shuts off ketone burning. This process does not promote effective fat loss and muscle gains. People with excess body fat will experience difficulty losing fat following this practice. That’s why it is essential for us to go back to nature, move frequently and efficiently, eat clean healthy meats, vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds, avoiding processed and packaged carbs and sugars.

Intermittent Fasting Benefits

The Bottom Line:

It’s essential to be absolutely Primal Fat Ketone adapted before you ever attempt either Intermittent Fasting on its own, or Intermittent Fasting with High Intensity exercise. Once you have transitioned a Ketone Fat Burner, you will be able to optimally burn fat and ketones, while reducing glucose burning during workouts, and thus you will not feel the need to refuel on carbohydrate after training. When pairing fasting with intense exercise, you can wait for as long as it takes to experience true hunger sensations after the workout, and then enjoy a nutritious and healthy meal. In the beginning, hunger may occur right after exercising. If this happens, I would recommend to initially drink more water and possibly enjoy a coffee, then the hunger sensation should subside quickly.

IF Schedule Example. I use 18 hour fast and 6 hour eating window.

My morning today as an example of exercise, food intake and time:  I awoke at 6:30am, had my freshly squeezed lemon water, along with a cup of organic coffee, with a dash of cream. Following that I went for a 3 mile fast paced walk. Next I met a client with whom I trained for 2 hours, after which I returned to my office to write for 2 more hours, only then at 12:30 I hit the gym for a high intensity bodyweight session, stretching and sauna. By the time I arrived back home and made my first meal of the day it was 2pm. I filled my plate with what I intended to eat (leftovers from last night with scrambled eggs), and promptly realised I couldn’t even finish half of the plate. The workout had caused me to be less hungry, therefore ingesting less calories into my bloodstream, greatly intensifying my fat burn and muscle growth. I hope you enjoyed the read and please send me any questions and comments you may have. Release your inner Beast! Please Sign up to my Blog! Rob[wpforms id=”7134″]   “I want to show people how to lose weight effectively and build a strong, healthy heart, body and mind! Learning to eat clean and move efficiently will change your life, no matter your age. I’ll be talking and writing about how to achieve your best possible healthy lifestyle all day long, as this is my absolute passion today, to help thousands regain their health and to live a longer happier life!” 

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