How to Build a Healthy Immune System and Not Get Sick

Precious little is more important these days than having a healthy immune system to stay strong and, in some cases, to stay alive!

As long as your immune system is running smoothly, you don’t notice that it’s there. But if it stops working properly – because it’s weak or can’t fight particularly aggressive germs – you get ill.

You Are Your Immune System.

Only you can rebuild your immune system by nurturing your body with healthy, clean, unprocessed, low-carb, and sugar-free foods. Besides that, you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors, exercising moderately, or just moving your body!

If your immune system is in top shape, you will find that you’ll never or hardly ever get sick. It takes a big hit to make you ill if you have a healthy immune system.

The old saying “you are what you eat” wasn’t coined by coincidence.

‘You are what you eat’ emerged in English in the 1930s. That’s when the American nutritionist Victor Lindlahr, who was a strong believer in the idea that food controls health, developed the Catabolic Diet.

You control your immune system, your general health, how you feel, and look by what you choose to eat. It’s that simple, and they recognized that almost 100 years ago. However, today, in 2020, the quality of our food (for the majority) is probably the worst it’s ever been. Cheap, processed, sugar-laden and foods treated with chemicals that weaken your immune system and make you ill. That’s not what we want for a healthy life.

“Ninety percent of the diseases known to man are caused by cheap foodstuffs. You are what you eat.”

Victor H. Lindlahr

The quote above reminded me of a book I read in high school, “Kleider Machen Leute” by the Swiss-German Author Gottfried Keller, which follows the same concept; “clothes make people,” or more clearly, “the clothes you choose to wear say a lot about you, as a person.” That, of course, means you express yourself with how you dress. The same applies to how you eat. I highly recommend reading this book, which is available in English with the above link.

Your chosen food and beverage intake reflect how you look, your weight, energy, and overall health, which can be excellent, moderate, or poor.

How to Fix and Maintain a Healthy Immune System.

Sure, this all sounds easy and logical; however, the truth is that many folks’ immune system is off balance due to unhealthy diets and unfavorable lifestyle habits, such as smoking, not exercising, fast-food, sugary foods, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, etc.

I’m not asking you to believe me, so here’s a quote and a link to read by Harvard University’s Health Department:

How to boost your immune system

The Final Check Up.

It’s not hard to keep your immune system in top gear. It’s up to you to eat well, drink plenty of water, avoid sugars at all cost, try to go with as much natural and organic foods as possible, and exercise frequently.

One more bonus method to give your immune system an extra boost, especially if you are feeling a bit down and want to kick start your system, is to enjoy cold-pressed juice! If you are in Bali like me, you’ve got the best option right here, with In The Raw Bali.

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Nothing is better than that! Fresh, organic veggies and fruit, cold-pressed with love, all in view to help you be healthy and strong!

That’s all for today, folks. But please, do take your immune system, food, and beverage intake as well as your movement plan seriously. It’s really the only way forward, especially now!

Stay healthy, and stay strong!


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