How to Boost Your Immune System and Stay Healthy Now and Always

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A strong immune system is key to staying healthy. That’s always been the case, with or without viruses floating around. While frequently washing your hands and face, and avoiding crowds may help, it’s not the only way we should be dealing with this crisis.

Boosting your Immune System is the key to good health!

Frequently washing your hands will help eliminate bacteria; however, is it sustainable, and will it protect you from a severe virus? Or, is the washing exaggerated? Handwashing is a reactive approach; we all need to take a proactive approach and do what we can to strengthen our immune system, daily.

A Healthy Immune System CAN and WILL Protect you from Illnesses.

Our immune system and its condition control how susceptible we are to illness, and it’s always been that way. If you have a compromised immune system, you will suffer from frequent diseases. If, on the other hand, your immune system is healthy, you can fend off most viruses yourself. Yes, that even means you could walk into a room with several Corona virus-infected patients and not catch the illness yourself.

Some may not agree with me here, but it’s a fact. How do we otherwise explain the multiple cases where one family member has the virus and not the other? Or even more extreme; a married couple sleeping in the same bed, sharing the same bathroom and kitchen, and one is positive but not the other?

That is not a question of luck or bad luck, it’s a simple matter of immune system performance. One person is more susceptible than the other because of the state of their immune systems.

Staying away from Crowds, yes.

Okay, I agree that during this time, when the COVID-19 virus is spreading like wildfire, it makes sense to reduce exposure to crowds in any shape or form. However, imposing house arrests on people is not the answer or the way forward, neither for the health and sanity of the people nor for the economy and people’s bank accounts. For those very real reasons, these current measures cannot and will not last.

Does anyone think about people who live from paycheck to paycheck, and now, don’t have a paycheck? How are they all going to manage during this “lockdown”?

I know the answers aren’t easy, but the problem is, right now, there are no answers to these pressing matters from any government, and stimulus checks are too little too late.

I’ll be writing more on my thoughts on how to solve this in my next article.


Maybe this a wake-up call and time for us to understand how our actions impact our health and lives? We can choose to be healthy and take control of our health by eating the right food; it’s that simple.

The power to be resistant to illness by nourishing our bodies appropriately is in our own hands. We can all do this now and in the future, and we should. The best part, it’s part is, it’s pretty easy to do if you know how to and take time to care for your body and wellness.

Let’s look at how we can do this:

  • Eliminate all sugars from your diet (yes, chocolate and cakes too)
  • Cut all processed foods
  • Radically reduce carb intake
  • Eat natural meat and vegetables
  • Eat as many Organic Foods as you possibly can
  • Enjoy healthy Organic Eggs and Avocados
  • Cook with lots and lots of hot chili peppers
  • Cook at home
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Rest more during the day
  • Get daily sun exposure of about 10 to 20 minutes
  • Slow life down
  • Stop stressing out
  • Meditate or go for walks to reduce your stress levels
  • Be active every day with low impact aerobic sporting activities
  • Drink lots of room temperature water with lemon juice
  • Drink hot tea or coffee (for antioxidants)
Protect Your Health the Right Way!

Why do I recommend this?

Sugar, carbs, and processed foods are all highly inflammatory and weaken our immune system, causing illness.

Consuming natural meats and vegetables strengthens our immune systems, and by cooking at home, you can make sure you are not eating any of the above!

Resting more, getting plenty of sleep, and slowing down, also support good health.

Meditation or any other form of calming practice and exercise reduces stress levels and helps build a healthy immune system.

Exercise, especially aerobic exercise, boosts your immune system. Take long walks, bike rides, or go swimming. These activities are natural and will support your health.

Hydration is always a problem. Most people don’t drink enough water, so please make an effort to double down on water consumption.

I drink lots of coffee or tea because I like it, and both are antioxidant-rich. Antioxidants clean your bloodstream and support health, and I drink tons of lemon water.

While I can’t guarantee it, I can say that if you take these measures, you will improve your resistance, and within a week or two, your Immune System will be much stronger.

By adjusting our diets and exercise routines, we can shield ourselves from most illnesses. This statement is a simple fact that not many news outlets will tell you.

My message:

Be calm, fight for your health by nourishing your body correctly, exercise outdoors as much as you can, and stay positive. Staying positive and trying to keep your mindset that way is just as crucial as providing your body with the right nutrients.

The current situation and restrictions will be over in a matter of a month or two. Why do I say that? Because this situation or these measures are not sustainable for governments, businesses, or the average person!

In the meantime: Stand up, take action, look after your body, mind, and your health! And don’t forget, we live in a free society and democracy, the last time I checked.

Let’s fight against this virus, strengthen our bodies, and stay healthy together.

Thank you for reading.

Rob Hourmont

Former Olympic Athlete & Certified Health Coach

“It is my mission to educate people on how to lose weight, how to build a healthy, strong heart, body, and mind, supporting a longer life.”

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