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It’s interesting how many Instagram wanna be Fitness Guru’s are now saying how great home workouts are. I guess they realized they had to abandon their gym workout sales techniques to stay alive online.

I find this amusing as all I do is write about home workouts and outdoor workouts, and bodyweight exercise. My goal is to educate people on how to work out healthily and reduce the risk of injury. Additional benefits are; you stop wasting time and money at the gym, and you learn to appreciate your body. 

Why do people spend so much time in gym’s anyway?

I always ask people why they spend so much time in a smelly and sweaty gym every week. Sharing weights, machines, mats, bathrooms, and showers with so many random people, that’s simply not my idea of fun! 

And now with the Coronavirus spreading like wildfire, it just goes to show how easily humans can infect each other. So why? Is it a social thing, a tradition? Or do folks think they have no choice if they want to stay or get fit? 

I think it’s a little of all of the above. The biggest problem? The fitness industry has convinced people that they must go to gyms and classes to be fit and healthy. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nature and Home are the answers.

What we should be doing is spending more time outside in nature; walking, running biking, or any other activity you enjoy. Above all, we should be exercising naturally, using our body as our gym. Natural movement and exercise outside or at home, is all we need to get fit, stay fit, and be healthy.

Your home workout options are endless, just think creatively. All you need is a floor mat and maybe a pull-up bar (I recommend learning to pull-up).

I only use 8 Basic Movements or strength training exercises to train and keep myself fit. Two of these exercises I’ll do every day, along with walking 15000 steps. 

“How to” and “the Benefits” series.

I decided to make a series of ” How to and benefits of” videos and blog posts. What I’m saying isn’t new, but how you use these routines and combine them is the key.

The four bodyweight movements included here are all you need for ideal strength training at home. You don’t need to do all kinds of complicated movements either, none of that helps. Focus on the real nitty-gritty exercises and see how well this works.

The movements.

Headstand. Why?

The headstand requires technique, will power, and tremendously strengthens your core, back, neck, and shoulders. It’s also a meditative exercise, which is relaxing at the same time. 

The Headstand

Push-up. Why?

The push-up is the classic upper body exercise that everyone can do no matter. Push-ups build fantastic chest and shoulder strength as well as support your core and back muscles.

pus-ups on a tree
Reverse Incline Push-up

Squat. Why?

The squat, so easy to do but so powerful. Squats build great leg and butt muscles. All you need is your legs and to squat a lot, and you will see the results!

Squats outdoors on the beach
The Classic Squat

Plank. Why?

The plank, along with the headstand and handstand, is in my favorite exercise. The plank requires immense focus and will-power. It strengthens your mindset and builds super strong abs and supports lower back, shoulders, and arm strength.

Planking on the beach
The Classic Plank

Let’s do it and stay fit!

Please give these exercises a good try, follow my instructional videos (especially for the headstand), and enjoy your time at home!

Where I am in Bali, Indonesia, we are about to go on the annual Silent Day lockdown. No lights, not movement outside and no internet, until Thursday morning. Total peace and silence!

So, I’ll see ya’ll on the other side. I wish you the best and to be safe and healthy! Above all, stay strong, folks, mentally, and physically.

We are going to get through this and be stronger!

All the best,


Former Olympic Athlete & Certified Health Coach

“It is my mission to educate people on how to lose weight, how to build a healthy, strong heart, body, and mind, supporting a longer life.”

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