A Happy Happy Sunday​!!!

Keto Crunch Bali Lanuch Day!

We’ve been having a Sunday blast here at La Brisa Beach Club Sunday Market in Canggu, Bali! Today we kicked off the launch of “KETO CRUNCH BALI,” our brand new packaged keto foods and treats, with our friends at “IN THE RAW BALI,” who make the best ever cold-pressed juices in the WORLD. 

All of this thanks to my good friend, Mad Mark Baker, who some of you may remember as the UK’s first famous skateboarder back in the 1980s. Like myself, Mark has gone a long way since his days as a skateboarder in the UK, to “the Godfather of New York City’s Nightlife” to club and restaurant owner, promoter, and now a Bali resident, promoting a healthy lifestyle with his juices and Organic restaurant “Beach Garden,” in Canggu.

As David Bowie said, changes happen to all of us all the time, and as you get older, thankfully, you get wiser, and changes happen for the better. In both our cases, our changes have ended up with us both living and promoting a healthy lifestyle and foods worldwide. 

We can’t wait to welcome as many of you as possible to Bali soon. Come and relax in the incredible place, enjoy our healthy foods and drinks, and let it all hang out! 

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